IEA, Shakti and NRP hold Delhi workshop on renewables

New Resource Partners was in Delhi this week to moderate a workshop focused on accelerating India’s uptake of renewables through early identification of integration and market barriers. MNRE Joint Secretary Varsha Joshi highlighted the opportunity wind represents to India and the major challenges still to be resolved. For further details, visit the IEA webpage. IEA webpage.

Falling battery costs drive new revenue opportunities

Battery costs today stand at $180/kWh, and are expected according to the recent Bloomberg New Energy Outlook to halve again by 2025. The rate of this price reduction is on a par with solar PV, which has led to an explosion of deployment globally. “We expect cheaper batteries to present new revenue opportunities. In the […]

UK battery storage market up 50% in 2018

A new article from Bloomberg reports installed battery capacity in the UK in 2018 is expected to reach over 300MW, amounting to 500MW installed in total. Utility scale batteries play an ever-increasing role in this country where a fifth of power is from wind and solar. Meanwhile, Bloomberg predicts that the energy storage market will double […]