Government & Public Sector

Energy presents challenges, but opportunities also. A complex balance must be struck among technical, economic and environmental considerations, but the transition away from conventional energy has the potential to open the door to innovation, growth, and new revenues.

Decarbonisation opportunities reside in renewables and smart energy infrastructure, such as battery storage, electric vehicles and a range of emerging flexible energy technologies. And while decarbonisation efforts tend to major on power – heating, cooling and transport cannot be overlooked.

Our team has many years of experience formulating and delivering joined-up energy strategy for government and the public sector.

Investors & Developers

Smart Energy Infrastructure (SEI) is a key new asset class opportunity, and essential for wind and solar at scale. SEI technologies are diverse. They include the renewable, energy storage, grid and electric vehicle interface; as well as CHP, mini-grids, demand aggregation, grid interconnectors, and others still emerging.

A third of UK power is generated locally and is increasingly building-integrated. Investors looking for new revenue can profit from this convergence of property and energy as it becomes mainstream. NRP is a Joint Venture with Regent Capital, which for fifteen years has structured investments in property and energy.

We provide techno-economic due diligence on investment projects, origination, and advice on renewable and smart energy strategy.

Large Energy Users

The rise of local energy is yielding new revenue streams in energy and property. Investment in onsite generation, demand shifting and storage can open up sales of power and heat, market arbitrage, and cost reductions, as well as contracted services to the system operator, management of carbon budgets and CSR.

Energy users have the potential to become energy hubs. But the exploitation of these opportunities is not a simple matter. Some are ready today, others are still dependent on further and ongoing evolution in the energy marketplace.

Each energy user has a different story: we can help you to save money, decarbonise, and open up new revenue.