Perth & Kinross Council

Smart Energy Perth & Kinross

The challenge

Perth and Kinross Council has established an ambitious Perth Smart Energy City Programme. Through this, the Council seeks i) to increase production and consumption of clean energy in its property portfolio; ii) to stimulate the production of clean energy across power, heat and transport across Perth & Kinross; and iii) to pursue opportunities to trade local energy and flexibility services locally and with the wider energy market.

Service provided

Initially in a technology innovation capacity, New Resource Partners developed a design for a Smart Energy Network, to enable the Council to trade energy among its properties, and rely more on its own renewable energy. We are now assisting the Council to develop a strategy for Perth & Kinross, and to apply our EnquiP software to the challenge of identifying the right portfolio of local clean energy assets for the region.


We aim to create a dynamic local energy planning model for the Council to compare technology solutions and business models, benchmark and sequence proposed investment projects, and identify a “least-regret” investment pathway to their 2045 Net Zero target.

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