We work iteratively with our clients to optimise the transition from conventional to clean energy. Our work is built on three pillars: Optimising your data foundations; Optioneering your energy futures; and Creating and implementing the right strategy for you.

Data Optimising

Auditing and rationalising your data foundations.

We work with you to gather your data on energy use and cost, and to assemble structured datasets. We clean and enrich these, managing outliers and filling gaps, so we can create a consistent basis for analysis. Our aim is to transform your data, whatever the present quality, into an accessible and transparent dashboard that reveals your present energy position in terms of cost and carbon.

Energy Optioneering

Visualising and comparing your energy futures.

Using software tools we have developed inhouse, we create energy models of your property portfolio. These are designed to be updated continuously, to account for changes in the energy market and regulation, and to track trends in technology costs and market prices. We then use these models to work with you to identify and compare potential energy investments and projects across the portfolio in an iterative and dynamic process tailored to your strategic objectives.

Strategy & Implementation

Data-led decision-making and project delivery.

With an eye to short-term wins, we help map your long-term course to net zero carbon energy, creating a pipeline of prioritised actions and projects. These can range from better data practices, through improved energy use and alternative energy procurement approaches, to investing in new energy assets. We work with you to understand and mitigate operational, contractual and technical complexity when implementing these measures. We explore appropriate financing approaches, identify delivery partners, and monitor carbon and cost outcomes continuously for new ways to optimise.