Regent Capital

Watson Office Building


To equip a recently renovated office premises over seven floors with the energy intelligence to enable its owners to plan its decarbonisation strategy, assess the green premium associated with the addition of energy assets, and to prepare for participation in an innovative Local Energy Exchange.

Services provided

NRP in collaboration with Smart Power Networks and M&E contractor Tyrrells equipped the Watson Building with new building energy management software that gathers high resolution data and information on its energy use from pre-existing sensors installed during its renovation, into a single system. This new system is accessible remotely by the building owner.


A digital model of the Watson Building’s energy use can now be constructed based on live data from the installation. The digital model can be used to explore approaches to decarbonisation and reducing energy costs, through such approaches as installation of new energy assets, alternative approaches to energy procurement, new business models around clean energy, and participation in local energy innovation projects.

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