Energy Catalyst 9

REV-Up: solar EV business models in Kenya


In Kenya, the energy offtake from solar farm projects averages just 40% of the total potential output from such projects, due to low energy demand. Such projects remain non-commercial and dependent on government / donor funding. The consequence is persistently low energy-access outside of cities and towns.

Services provided

NRP is leading a project funded by the UK Government, with Kenya and investor partners, to integrate electric transport services into the design of solar mini-grid projects – to increase offtake. We are also creating new software tools for developers and investors to identify viable mini-grid projects.


The project targets energy access for presently unserved users, including marginalised and disadvantaged groups. It will do this by rendering rural mini-grids investable commercially, and by providing new tools for developers to use to create bankable, transparent investment propositions.

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