Niti Aayog, Government of India

Indian Electric Mobility Index


Electric vehicle charging infrastructure is local. This means that investment projects must account for many factors that vary locally, often dramatically, including grid capacity and reliability, local government policy and support, clean energy supply chains, and so on. This hinders the ready identification by investors and developers of the most attractive projects. Niti Aayog has commissioned NRP, VAI Capital, and Sustain 2030 to create the means of changing this situation in India.

Services provided

We are creating an Electric Mobility Index to measure and compare locations for their attractiveness to investors and developers of electric vehicle infrastructure. This will initially focus on policy support for the same at state level, moving in due course to a city-level index exploring the full range of factors affecting the risk and return of investment projects.


The first phase of work will develop an architecture for an open-access Indian Electric Mobility Index. This will inform the development of AI-enhanced digital index in Phase Two, and a higher resolution (city-level) index applicable worldwide in subsequent phases.

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