University of St. Andrews

Local Energy Investment Optioneering in the Eden Campus Property Development

The challenge

The University of St. Andrews is developing the 14-hectare brown-field site that once housed the Eden Paper Mill. The new site is to feature a range of building types from offices to research labs. Their challenge is to deliver innovative new facilities cost-effectively, while supporting the local St. Andrews community, and their own decarbonisation objectives, through investment in an appropriate portfolio of clean energy technologies.

Services provided

Creating strong data foundations is a key task. We are creating load curves to describe the campus’s energy behaviour, and combining these with physical data that describe the underlying properties, to yield an energy model of the site as it is expected to look in 2030.

We can then explore and compare the relative benefits of potential energy investments, and create a pipeline of investments between now and net zero.


Clarity for St Andrews as which technologies and business models provide the best balance between decarbonisation, economic benefit, and value to the St. Andrews community. In addition, a demonstration-ready design for Local Energy Exchange for the Eden Campus and wider community.

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